PBC Factoring is a flexible and powerful financial process that can provide your company with many benefits including:

Credit Risk Coverage

Our extensive customer database and resources provide us with the information and insight to make comprehensive and aggressive credit decisions that enable us to assume up to 100% of your credit risk so you don’t have to worry about getting paid.

Payment Management Systems

Receivables management, monthly statements to customers, EDI remittance processing, payment processing, and collection service so that you can focus on selling instead of collecting and offsetting payments.

Cash Advances

Quick access to cash from your sales, without waiting for invoices to mature.

Online Reporting

Comprehensive online reporting that is available in real-time 24/7.

Immediate benefits from factoring may include:

  • Increased revenue growth due to expanded risk appetite on your customers
  • Reduced operating expenses and by outsourcing credit and collections
  • More flexible financing options vs traditional lenders
  • Improved accounting information
  • Reduced bad debts
  • Improved cash flow

Trade Finance

PBC offers fast and flexible financial solutions, without the stringent rules and regulations.

Bank trade finance, also called import/export, is often subject to stringent rules and regulations that make it difficult for many customers to receive the financial support they need. PBC can offer you flexible and fast financial solutions, with fewer restrictions. PBC can act as a hub, purchasing goods through related banks on behalf of a client and then obtaining payment from the client.

Purchase Order Financing, or PO Financing, is a valuable trade tool that is available to clients on a selective basis. PO Financing makes it possible for clients to accept large customer orders that would otherwise exceed their capital limitations. This method of financing is normally used to purchase material from either overseas or domestic suppliers.

Additional trade finance solutions include:

  • Commercial Letters of Credit
  • Purchase Guarantee Letters
  • Trust Receipt Loans
  • Advances against Purchase Orders

Commercial Financing

PBC provides your business with the appropriate financing service that it needs.

As a privately-held , secured lender with many years of experience, PBC can provide your business with a lending package tailored to your specific needs.

Our services are especially valuable for clients who are faced with tight borrowing restrictions at their current bank.

Our commercial financing services include:

  • Working capital loans
  • Inventory loans
  • Short-term commercial real estate loans
  • Bridge loans

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